Work Lamp Light

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Product Description

The tractor is the true workhorse on your farm.LED tractor lights make your daily agriculture tasks easier, safer, and more efficient. Whether you’re looking for work lights, headlights or long-distance lights, our extensive range of heavy-duty LED lights has you covered in all areas. Our work lamp light suitable for mounting on tractors are all dustproof, waterproof, temperature- and weather-resistant, and have an extraordinarily long lifetime (30,000 to 50,000 hours) to ensure that you can keep your activities up and running for as long as possible.

Product Specifications Min

Part # 18599

Outer Dia 18.3
Internal Dia 13.7
Length 653.8

Product Specifications Max

Part # 18599

Outer Dia 19.8
Internal Dia 14.9
Length 654.3